War Inc. Battle Zone


How do I download the game?
War Inc. Battlezone can be downloaded here.

How do I create an account for War Inc. Battlezone?
A War Inc. Battlezone account can be created by going to:

What is War Inc. Battlezone?
War Inc. Battlezone is a free to play, online multiplayer, session-based combat action game, where players will compete with each other as individuals or in teams in ground combat action within large realistic environments. The game allows players to build MMO like persistent characters that can be augmented, customized, and upgraded. As players climb in rank, unlocking achievements, awards, and new features, they will also be able to join PMC/Clans, compete in tournaments and climb the leaderboards.

Is War Inc session based or persistent?
War Inc. Battlezone is a unique blend of both fast paced, intense combat action like most session based games mixed with the persistent character development and ranking found in most MMO games.

Are there any classes in for character creation in the game?
Yes, but not what you will typically will find in other games. War Inc. Battlezone offers a large number of unlockable skills and abilities as well as extensive character customization which will allow you to create your own custom “classes.”

How can I get involved with the War Inc. Battlezone community?
Join the War Inc. Battlezone community on Facebook at:
http://www.facebook.com/warbattlezone and log on to the community forum at the War Inc. Battlezone website: http://forums.thewarinc.com/ where you can sign up and get involved with the developers and fellow players.

Who is Arktos Entertainment Group?
Arktos Entertainment Group is a privately held holding company, providing investment as well as creative and production management support for companies in the interactive and online entertainment industries. With a growing team of experienced industry veterans and highly motivated new talent, Arktos Entertainment Group supports a variety of R&D projects as well as technological development for new emerging game styles and systems.

Will War Inc. Battlezone have different Game Modes?
Yes, there will be 3 different game modes to choose from at the launch of the BETA. Conquest, Siege, & Team Deathmatch. More modes will be available later on.

Can a player create a game for friends and name it?
Yes, players can create games for their friends to join and even name the game.

How many players will be able to join into a single game?
Players can choose to play in games of 16, 32, or 64 players.

Can a player earn Achievements and Awards in this game?
Achievements are players “medals”. They will be awarded to the player based on in game performance. Players will find that there are a wide range of achievements available to unlock and receive.

Is this game really free or will you force me to spend money to compete with paying players?
Yes, the game really is free to play! No, you do not have to spend real money to play our game or to be competitive in it. You will be able to earn in-game currency called “War Points” by winning battles, helping your team members, and displaying various types of exceptional combat performance. You can then spend this currency to purchase items in the in-game store. You get the same items as players who spend real money in a game. No items for sale will give you a significant advantage on the battlefield. At any time you can decide if you want to spend money to buy gear. This will allow you to catch up with your friends, who are playing the game more often than you. War Inc. Battlezone is still a skill based game, and your skills will ultimately affect your performance on the battlefield.

What is a Supply Case?
A Supply Case is a special item that can be purchased in a store. Each Supply Case will contain a rare item that is not generally available in a store. The Items can be rare variations of weapon, boosts, or special items. For example you can obtain certain Limited versions of some weapons only thru a Supply Case purchase. While you can't predict what item you'll get, you will always have a list of possible items that the Supply Case can contain.

What is a Black Ops Supply Crate?
A Black Ops Supply Crate is a special item that can be found only on the map. It will act as a re-supply crate that you can find either at your home base, or sometimes located on the battlefield. To open these crates and use it the items inside, you will need to purchase “Black Ops Supply Crate Keys” from the Web Store. Keys are available for a set period of 7, 30, or 90 days.