War Inc. Battle Zone


August, 7 UPDATE

August 07, 2012 By: Patrick "Kewk" Bowman

Added new explosion decals.
Fixed bug with scope rendering
Fixed level up rewards text.
Collision fixes on levels
Bug fixes on levels
Eastern Fall: returned back old spawn positions
Added profanity filter to chat

July 16, 2012 UPDATE

July 16, 2012 By: Patrick "Kewk" Bowman

Voice Communications on/off now properly works when setting it in the game options.
Left Side Camera now properly works in the game settings.
Fixed a sound bug with some single shot weapons.
Fixed a bug that did not properly update WP/GC when buying items.
Fixed the experience progression bar on the My Merc screen.
Fixed a bug on some video cards that received the error “ERROR: missing shader file Data\Shaders\DX9_P1\SSAO_PS.hls”
Fixed a bug with the Deathcard UI remaining on the screen after respawn.
Fixed a bug with Revenge award being given when it should have.
You are unable to use consumables before the game starts now.
Fixed a bug where the Soflam icon would show up for all of your items.
Fixed a bug that showed the incorrect amount of WP for the Mega Loot crate.


July 9, 2012 Update!

July 09, 2012 By: Patrick "Kewk" Bowman

Fixed an issue with crash when exiting game.
Fixed bug with lighting on levels.
Added user levels in scoreboard (in-game only).
Removed the level cap. There are no rewards for leveling past 60.
Fixed an issue with PlayGame button in localized versions of the game.

July 6, 2012 Update!

July 06, 2012 By: Patrick "Kewk" Bowman

Adjusted lighting on some maps
You can now go directly to other menus from the inventory screen
Fixed a bug where you could purchase locked weapons with WP from clicking renew on a different weapon
Fixed a bug where some ranks were showing the wrong reward

July 3, 2012 Update!

July 03, 2012 By: Patrick "Kewk" Bowman

Added a Screen flash when using bandages/shots
Added new art for selecting your class as a new player.
Descriptions for items are always shown beneath the image in the store.
Clicking on ‘pending applications’ or ‘friend request’ takes you to the proper screen.
Pressing ‘esc’ in the the attachements menu now returns you to the previous screen.
when buying item focus should stay on it.
You can now use your hotkeys to drop and use items.
Fixed placing turrets in some areas.
Friendly UAV should have blue friendly symbol above it.


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